Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hong Kong Seam Finish

Pretty on the inside? 

I'm forever seeing this technique used in sewing blogs, and it always looks *amazing*.  So matchy!  So cute!  So tidy!

I didn't want the bulk of french seams, I didn't want to topstitch the cord, I did want to do a nice seam finish.  Hong Kong finish it is... (which is just sewing bias tape on all your seams).

My first couple of seams were kinda wonky - well, my ability to sew bias trim is always iffy.  I should make a couple dozen aprons or something to really nail it.  After that it went pretty well, but I used my odd bits of bias trim and I kept running out.  (To be fair, each seam is about a yard long).

I ended up with rainbow insides!  I used every bright color I had in my arsenal - I'll keep the baby pink for something else. 

Now, how do you cover up the interfacing at the zipper?  Uncute.... :P  But required.  You have to interface your zipper.   I don't care what your pattern says.  Interface the zipper.  (This is the inside of my skirt, if we're not totally clear on that.  Not the outside!!)

I had to take in the waist a bit so it's not done enough to show you, but this is my tried-n-true A-line skirt.  I made the panels a bit slimmer because of some issues with the cord after I'd gotten it home and washed it. 

Anyway.  Hong Kong finish?  It looks great.  It's simple.  But I used a TON of bias tape and it took a ton longer than it would have to do french seams or topstitching or just pinking and zigzagging the edge.  Not going to be a favorite in my arsenal, but this was a good time to learn a new technique and find out how it worked.  (Frankly, if I'd done one of those things, my skirt would be done right now, redoing the waistband or not).

I'm always glad to learn something new... and hey!  My skirt is pretty on the inside.  :)

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