Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tipping Point

I've been working to take my own advice (and the advice of every fashion book I own) about building a basic wardrobe that is flexible and works together.

The before-Christmas shopping I did finally seems to have tipped that scale, because I've had something to wear that is cute nearly every day.  

It was just a little shop - I bought a stack of utility infielders (basic colored tank tops) and a couple of sweaters in the greens I wear all the time.  But put those together with the items already in the closet, and suddenly I have outfits galore.  The greens just pick up the greens in my shamrock skirt, the ivory is the same ivory as half of my wardrobe - a good monochromatic look is a must. 

The blue skirt that I made at our last entry goes with ... well, it goes with everything.  It has an oddly Edwardian vibe to it, with the slightly wider waist and slimmer silhouette, so I paired it with my seldom-used white blouse (Folkwear 210) for Christmas Eve at my folks' house.  A bit somber for my taste, but I knew my dad would love it  - and he did. 

My wardrobe is still extremely basic, and I am still building it and finding out what really works for me and what ends up being a bit regrettable - this is absolutely a process, and a process made much slower by the sewing. 

I want to be honest with you - and share the good along with the bad.  This is the good.  When you get to a certain point, building basics and building them, a few garments can take you from "meh" to "oh, what shall I wear today?"  Of course as I process through, some of my other garments are shown up as things I don't wear very much or that don't quite please me (for instance, my white blouse is a bit big and more than a bit stodgy).  We go onward.  Onward!

But that's the fun of life, isn't it?  Going onward towards positive change?

Christmas is over... and it's time to get my sewing and blogging mojo back in gear. 

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