Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Classic Outfit

Today I decided to be classic casual.  This still fits with my personal style of "romantic/natural" - but overall you get the "classic" vibe.  That's because color is incredibly powerful!  Let's dissect what I wore today.

(I didn't like my hair or lack-of-makeup in the picture so I cut off my head).
Denim on the bottom.  I'm wearing a denim skirt - but denim on the bottom is as American classic casual as it comes.
White on the top.  A white tshirt this is not - no, this is a light ivory (much better for my skin tone).  It's not knit, it's a princess seamed fitted shell.  So it's a tad more formal - and looks much better on me.
Striped overshirt:  If those of you with a bit extra on top, or a bit extra all-together don't know about the overshirt trick, now is the time to learn.  An overshirt with an open front will take off pounds and distract from a full bustline without adding much bulk. 
Color palette:  Blue & White & Green.  Blue and white together - so clean and crisp.  A color combination that hits hard on "classic, classic, classic".   Adding green to blue adds a bit of nature - in this case I think it's evocative of "ocean".  And green and blue are similar enough to one another to make a fairly uninterrupted line.
Accessories (which mostly you can't see): I wore a few stone bracelets (natural), my cork mary janes (natural/feminine), carried my caramel tooled leather purse (natural/feminine) and have my hair covered/pulled back with my overused big wooden elastic comb.  (What do you call those things with the pair of combs held together with elastic, with beads or whatnot strung on the elastic?).  A white and green stone pendant on a black cord again hits the "natural" chord.
Me-made:  I made the skirt and the white shirt, which is why they fit.  My skirt is ankle length, and has some nice topstitching details.  I think that topstitching is mandatory with denim in order to make it not look homemade.  Because this is my default, tried-and-true skirt - it's very flattering.  Long full skirts are somewhat feminine by nature, of course - although this one is meant to fade into the background and I wear it as my "jeans". 
Modesty:  Yep.  Pretty darn modest.  Without making you notice the outfit as a whole as a "modest outfit".  Which is more modest, IMO - it doesn't draw attention.
And that's what I wanted today.  An outfit that looked good, looked pulled together, was flattering - and didn't draw attention.

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