Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fluffy Little Skirts & Jacket Progress

I made a fluffy little denim skirt for my daughter.  This will probably end up being a TNT (tried-n-true) pattern for her.  I worked off the inspiration from the tiered skirt pattern that came with her jacket... except that while that skirt has a zipper and is below the waist (which would be deadly on 8yo) I made it an elastic waist and just started the ruffles at about the same spot on her body. 

I topstitched the hems in pink to match the butterflies.  My mom got the fabric for her.  Yes, my mom is totally a sewing enabler.
She got a little tired of having me try it on and off of her to check the elastic (love the corny face).  It ended up being a little loose yet, so I will take it in again tomorrow. 
I think this is a nice casual look for her though.  Very flattering, very comfortable.
In suit jacket news, I finished the hand tailoring (FINALLY) and sewed the front to the back.  I think I should let the center back seam out ... since I can't let it out anywhere else at this point.  Muslins when you're adding a ton of extra fabric?  Sigh.  It's always a surprise!
But I think that means my next step is sewing the collar to the body ... then we go sleeves, then we can call ourselves close to the end.  And I am sewing some pretty dresses that finish in less than a month!!!!!!!!  And then I guess I have this overcoat to make... lol. 

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