Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Quick Update on the Jacket

I didn't think I'd do any sewing at all today, but found myself at my machine regardless... and now I have sleeves!  They look great, btw - thank you Lord.  (I had a lot of help and guidance, believe me - my sleeve caps are not normally this good.  If you doubt, go look at the ones I slapped on for my 8yo).

This is such a slow, slow project... I am ready to be done, honestly.  Maybe I'll get some more work in tonight.  I'd like to finish this up soon and go on to different things.

As for "how now, brown cow"... I am seriously wondering about the width.  I added a bit at the side seams, but I can't alter the front seams at this point in the game.   Bound buttonholes go in before anything else does - and while these look uneven from this angle, I assure you that they are each exactly 1.25" inches in from the edge of the jacket.  The proportions are beyond perfect, but holy cow is this jacket TIGHT right now.  :(  Then again I really cannot tell at all until things are fully assembled.  Fit.  It makes me want to stab myself with my ginghers.

Guess I'd best hope that the diet starts working soonest!

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