Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Successful Outfit Day

It was a good outfit day.  8yo layered up and didn't quite freeze (she said her face was cold, not much to be done about that!).  I wore a tone-on-tone monochromatic look and got lots of positive feedback.

Here's how that purple jacket is getting worn:

(The dress she's wearing is one of the four I made a few months back.  It's made out of quilting cotton.  While I don't think quilting cottons are great on adults... they are amazing for dresses for little girls!!)

We cut 8yo's hair this weekend too.  I think the shoulder length bob suits her very well.  She's a Summer, so the soft purple and cold aquas/blues look great on her.  She looks so grown in this picture!

I wore this skirt:

With a jade green tank top and cardigan - about the same color as the embroidery.  Fitted on top and poofy on the bottom and the same color all over... I think I have a winning silhouette, people.  I wear long, long skirts most of the time, I feel crazy immodest showing off my knees.  *laughs*

I really should have snapped a pic - accessorized with some green and pearl jewelry it made a very romantic yet practical look.    A long scarf in my hair, left long and pulled back softly from my face. 

Yes, it was a good outfit day.


  1. So do you have a philosophy regarding skirt lengths for yourself? I am a fan of long skirts for myself, though I am tall.

    1. Yes. It's all in proportion. Every woman has at least one or two really good skirt lengths. I'm short, I have short curvy legs, I have wide shoulders - so I look best in skirts that lengthen and balance me. When I wear shorter lengths (the length skirt that fashionistas tell shorties like myself to wear) I need to make sure my top is relatively the same color as my skirt, or I look chopped in half. I took a quick look through the archives and didn't see the proportion pictures - I will get a post about skirts out today.

      Also, long skirts (as you know) are like pants - you can bend over without fear! Always nice. :)


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