Thursday, February 7, 2013


Steph over at 3 hours past was asking about our purses,  and I'd actually prepped an accessory post (by taking the pictures) a week ago, so here's my purse.

I got it off of etsy - it's vintage tooled leather and I love it.  I love the color, I love the roses.  I love the size.  Not the most practical thing for tromping around amusement parks, but for everyday - perfect.  I can carry my nook and my normal purse stuff and have plenty of room.  But basically I love it far more for its looks. 

It goes with everything, it's a big step up in "classy" from my old purses (more structured, more neutral, higher quality materials) and yeah.  Short story?  I love it.

These are my shoes.  I broke my foot in half some years back and I have to wear good supportive shoes.  I wear skirts all the time, so the usual "sensible shoes" won't do - and anyway, they're ugly.  I got this pair around Christmas ... I need to buy a couple more in different colors, as I'm over-wearing these.  (You're not really supposed to wear the same shoes every day).  They go very nicely with my purse - and again, the quality shows.  They definitely don't look like I got them at the discount store, even though they are mary janes.   And I think the cork texture is cool/interesting.

This is my hair cover that I wear most often.  It's a comb about the size of one of my hands.  It's comfy and holds my hair very well.  I alternate with scarves and other combs and whatnot - but this is totally my go-to.

You'll note the warm brown goes with the shoes and the purse.  LOL.  But seriously - caramel brown is my accessory color.  Matching accessories is a good default position to start from.  If you want to go from there to fun stuff, you can - but you need to have a solid fall-back position.  (Says the woman who had a jade green purse).


  1. LOVE the handbag. I prefer a bag with shorter handles, which is a lot harder to find than you'd think. And when you show skirt-friendly shoes, please share the brand/source. Inquiring minds want to know!

    1. Thank you!

      The shoes are Arcopedicos by Arathorn, I believe. But if you google Arcopedico, you'll find them. I get them at a specialty shoe shop that caters to people with foot issues.

  2. Your bag is so nice! I love Etsy.

    And the shoes! They're great! I hear you about over wearing shoes... I got some red leather Born ballet flats (wide feet, high arches, Born is just right for me) a while ago and I'm kicking myself for not buying several of the same style when I could. Oh well. Live and learn.

    (also, I'm liking your comment guidelines... Even celebrities are people...)

    1. Thank you for visiting :) I love tooled leather, so I was thrilled to find this bag.

      Sounds like we have similar feet - or did before I broke mine. I can't quite squeeze into Borns, but they're gorgeous shoes.


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