Sunday, February 10, 2013

Not quite a fail

As soon as I had the white eyelet blouse made up, I hit my fabric stash and found some shirting fabric and cut another one.  Since I knew that the kimono sleeves hadn't quite looked good on me, I cut the sleeves down to a tanktop shape.

But I didn't do any other changes to the pattern... and I didn't check it before I started sewing.  A very nice job of sewing...

Sigh.  Look at all that extra fabric at the armpit!  (I rather like how it's falling at my neckline though, perhaps I might try a soft cowl sometime).  And yes, it's a tad tight over the bust.  Another 1/2" would be lovely.  (I really have to figure out wearing ease with a full bust - it is not as straightforward as all the sewing books would have you believe.  If you doubt me, I could show you some very sad experiments with princess seams and increasing the ease the same amount from waist to chin.  Bad.  Very bad.)
Well.  What do you do with extra fabric?  You make a dart.
The dart helped.  Some.  Not enough, as you can see.  I still have too much fabric .. now it's just higher up.  And somehow my darts didn't end up quite even.  -sigh-  I could unpick them and re do them... but with a slightly too-tight bust and too much fabric  and... yeah, it's not worth my time.
Wadder?  (In sewing terms, straight to the wastebasket).  Oh no.  I live in a very warm climate, and a thin ivory tank top is a *basic* item.  I can throw an overshirt on (which I do quite often anyway) and no one will be the wiser.  I'm tired of wearing tank tops as stand-alones anyway.
I think it's time to draft my own basic blouse.  I have the skills... I know what I want... it's time to cut a pile of sheets up and get there!  And my shirt... my shirt will have sleeves.  And it will *fit*.
Kinda a bummer, but kinda not.  Onward!

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