Thursday, February 28, 2013

Outfit Posts this month

I'm going to be doing outfit posts this month, because I've packed my Elna off to its annual maintenance trip and *I* am spring cleaning instead of sewing.  (Today I vacuumed mattresses.)

If I think of philosophical things to add, I'll be doing that too. 

Outfit post the first:  Red wool jacket with turquoise dress.  Both made by moi.

We were all wondering how I'd get use out of that red jacket that really made it worth making... me included!  Well, it looks terrific with my favorite turquoise dress.  Being a Spring with intense coloring, this kind of color combination is something I'm right at home with. 

The wool and silk jacket cuts the wind beautifully, and made it possible for me to wear this out on date night.   Sorry about the photo, it's absolutely brutal to get a decent picture in my house in the afternoon.  There is such a thing as too much light!

How this full skirt looks with the red jacket gives me some courage to make the red skirt in a similar style.   The classic "ladies who lunch" form is more of a pencil skirt, but frankly a slim skirt doesn't do much for me.  This works, and it's not "too too" girly... well, at least not for this girly girl.  :)

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  1. Gorgeous color on you! I'm dying to put some brighter colors back in my closet.


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