Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Portrait Blouse: Win

My first make from Gertie's Book for Better Sewing, which I received from my folks for my birthday in December.   I'll be making many a garment from this book!

Things I want to say:
1) They're YOUR clothes. Make 'em how you want to make 'em.
2) Love this.
3) I'll get rid of the kimono sleeves next time. My sloper has a good sleeve pattern for me. I can use that.


The original pattern called for one large tuck at the low-waist.  I changed it to two small (1/4") tucks at the high waist.  It's 3" longer, because I always tuck my shirts and I hate the line across the middle of my belly.  The back tuck has been made up to shoulder-blades.  I didn't need the side zipper, so I didn't put it in.

Incredibly comfortable, very flattering.  I can make this with different necklines, a more flattering sleeve length (or lack-of-sleeve), in different fabrics.  I think I found my "uniform".

I didn't use facings - I lined it with some soft cotton "shirting" that I got online which actually has the texture of really soft old sheets.  Nice, but not good for the outsides of clothing.  (Would rock for a summer nightgown).  Outside is that eyelet cotton.  Tight with my layouts - a yard each.  Total cost?  About $10.   And it took about 2-3 hours, even being picky and careful.  Yeah.  I think my life can involve a few more of *these*.

So, tomorrow I'll be rummaging around for fabric remnants that would make nice blouses... LOL. 


Happy Birthday, me.  :)

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