Monday, February 4, 2013

Sewing: In process for the next thing

Starting work on the Portrait Blouse...

(This is the picture of Gertie from her pattern book, I snagged it from Bing)

This is an extremely basic pattern - but I still tissue fit it onto Betsy (my dress form).  I still cut out a quick muslin.  (I solicit elderly sheets from my friends and relatives, so I always have junk fabric lying about).  And even though this is such a basic pattern... there are still changes!

I'm sitting here in the muslin. It's comfy. :) I've already moved the tucks up - and my husband told me that they needed to move up yet again, so I'm going to split the tucks into doubles. I *like* tucks, so that's fine by me. Deciding how I want to deal with the lining - the eyelet will have to be moved. And sadly I think I need an extra inch around the hips. :p

I don't think I'll need a zipper once I add the extra width though.  We'll find out! 

One of the great benefits to being hard-to-fit is that I take all of this as just part of the sewing process.  I don't get fussed about "the design says one tuck" when my body says, "do two".  If two looks better on me, then two is how many there will be. 

I *think* this may seriously be worth all the trouble... ;)  It's cute and comfy and even in a muslin, I'm forgetting that I'm wearing it. 

We shall see!

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