Friday, February 1, 2013

Sewing: Pattern Tracing/Adjustments

Next up in my sewing adventures - a (hopefully) easy and flattering blouse.  If it is both easy and flattering, I'll be cranking a pile of them out - my selection of blouses is pretty sad at the moment.

This is the Portrait Blouse, from Gertie's Book for Better Sewing. 

I found out that on my jacket, my vertical proportions aren't too far off of Gertie's, and this is a loose-fitting blouse, so I did a simple pattern grade.  I wasn't necessarily going to trace off the pattern... until I saw the pattern sheet.

Her publisher chose to put lots of pattern bits overlapping one another, a la extremely vintage patterns and patterns from magazines.  Much cheaper - and they used good paper - but it makes tracing off a requirement, not an option.

So I am starting with a size 10 (in Gertie land) on the shoulders/neck, grading to a 14 on the back and 16 front.  That *should* prevent me from having to do a FBA, which seems a bit odd, on such a loose item.   I made my notes on my pattern pieces, and when I'm ready to start working with them, I'll tissuefit and make  quick muslin before I do much of anything else.   I am hard to fit, so since I don't have a sloper for this kind of thing, I'll need to take my time and make the adjustments.  As far as the jacket worked, Gertie-land is pretty kind to my figure, so not only do I like her patterns, I hope that fitting won't give me the usual fits.

Tonight I was too tired to tackle my lining for the suit jacket and too fidgety to sit at my computer any longer, so that's why I traced this out.  :)  I can't wait to sew it up... I'm going to use the eyelet that I brought home a couple of weeks ago for my first go-through. 

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