Monday, February 11, 2013

Shirt Thoughts: From the Win Pile

When planning to do a little frankensteining... it's a good idea to get your visions on paper.

I love this neckline.
(This is my princess sloper shirt.  Yes, it fits.  But princess seams are a pain in the rear to sew properly... I was hoping for something darted and a tad bit easier to deal with.  Ironically, this is the same fabric I used for the blouse that I don't like at all.)

I love this collar - and I love the sleeves. 
(The fit is a bit "ish" - but hey, this was my Easter dress from 2011? I've learned. Still use the bottom as a skirt.  Textured paisley eyelet... one of my best fabric choices).
  • Can I combine the neckline (and shoulder fitting - yikes) from the top blouse with the sleeves from the bottom blouse?  Or some other sleeve?  I am *so* over sleeveless (thank you, pictures).
  • Should I just use the bottom "blouse" entirely... but fix up the fit?
  • Which is the more basic top? 
  • Which is more flattering?
  • Which goes with more of my skirts/goes with my life in general?
Remember... I'm not trying to make a fabulous new thing, I'm trying to get a basic workhorse that I can mix and match and switch details around.
Lots of thinking to do.  Maybe I'll sew up a couple of the things on my "sewing for others" mental list and get them in the "out" pile.  Or a dress.  I do still have some turtle fabric calling my name!

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  1. looking good!I love white dresses in the summertime.


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