Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Meeting - Keeping it simple and comfy

I'm off to meet my mentor for an internship at church that I've started.  My first outfit... so glad I took a picture for the blog before I got there.  (Yes.  I have a dumb expression on my face and I have no idea what to do with my arms).

Second picture, changed to the green tanktop.  Still no idea what to do with my arms, but a vast improvement!

Proof?  Sometimes you need to see yourself from more than a foot away in order to decide what to wear.

Details in the end:  Shades of one color that I am particularly comfortable wearing.  I thought of the structured blazer but decided against it, as I want to be very much myself during this meeting, and I'm trying to convey "student" not "authority".   Jewelry - gold with some color detail.  Makeup:  Obviously I really need to throw on some lipstick before I head out the door.  I'm not wearing any in these pictures.

 I made the skirt (and petticoat) but the tops were bought at Penney's. 

Purse and shoes?  The usual suspects.


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