Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Closet Rotation

We've had three unbroken weeks of spring weather, and that means it's time to put away the winter wool and bring out the summer sheers.  It also means that it is high time that the closet and armoire get sorted and weeded out.  (First clue:  When you stare at a stuffed closet and whine, "I have nothing to wear!")

First off, a find from the coat closet.  Some items just shouldn't be gotten rid of.  I've had this skirt for about fifteen years, and if it keeps its shape, I'll have it for another fifteen.  Classic, classic, classic.  It's been just a size or two too small for me to wear, so it's been put up.  I've lost waist if not weight, and it fits just fine now.  On to the mending pile to fix that missing button...

Really, you can't go wrong with navy A-line skirts in polkadot.  (No I wouldn't wear it with this shirt - I was just trying it on).



A little reorganization can help the cleaning out. I got this idea off of pinterest - hanging your scarves and shawls from a hanger. The curtain rod is a bit better for me - my husband loves to buy me pashminas for Christmas (about half of these are from him). Not only is this pretty, but it gets them out of my armoire in stacks, up where I can see them (and thus use them more often).

And now, for the finished and refreshed closet.  :)  The next thing to do?  Take a quick inventory.  I think anyone can see what I need here - SHIRTS.  Shirts with sleeves that can stand alone, please.  Please. 
I ended up getting rid of my white long-sleeved shirt.  That goes on the "soon to replace" pile.  It was just TOO white for me, and a bit too big.  No sense having a shirt for dressy occasions that's off - it defeats the whole purpose of owning such a shirt.  And DH liked my short skirt, even if I did think I looked stubby - so it stays.  Even though I don't need more skirts, if I make another skirt I think it really should be another denim A line.  I wear that thing *all the time*.   It's in the laundry in this picture, lol.
Back to sewing soon, I hope.

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