Monday, April 8, 2013

Clothing as Art

I follow quite a lot of boards on pinterest that heavily feature clothing that is shown in various museums.  Imagine making such lovely clothing that it gobsmacked generations of viewers.  Yes, some of the clothing is shown because it gives a perfect snapshot of an era - that's the point of museum clothing, much of the time - but others are timeless and stunning.

Art should affect one's soul.  Clothing can be art.

Now, I don't mean clothing that isn't exactly clothing, that exists only to be wearable art.  I'm not particularly fond of that medium, although I can appreciate it on women of a certain age. 

Clothing (mostly) exists for the purpose of adorning the wearer, and we humans are God's work of art, are we not?  When clothing itself is also art, and the art adorns the creation, then ... then you have something.

I wish for a time when every person can wear artclothing every day.  That's not this day - art clothing tends to be delicate and illsuited to some jobs (although I find traditional working clothing extremely beautiful).

Don't be afraid to be a work of art.  You already are.

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