Sunday, April 14, 2013

You win some, you lose some

If I even pretended at being a serious blogger, I'd cut this post up into two or three.  But that's too much like work.  :)  Maybe someday!

You know I put my sewing aside for Spring Cleaning/Lent/pre-Passover prep... but it's been two weeks since Easter, what gives? 

Ah.  You see I have a sad, sad tale.  Before I put sent my machine off to the land of maintenance, I cut two dresses.  They were going to be such easy, lovely dresses. They would look wonderful, and go together in a jiffy!  Why such confidence?  Because I made them off of this pattern:

My prettiest dress!  How could anything possibly go wrong?

Well, after fighting with the fit for two weeks, deciding to give myself an extra bit of ease in the waist, and failing to tak pix wearing a petticoat (because this dress is summerweight, designed to be worn in the absolute heat of summer - plus, turtles and petticoats don't really "go"):

What?  Where's my waist?  I mean, I'm not thin... but I had a waist here somewhere, I know I did.  Where did it go?  Oh well, it works.  We go forward.  I have the other dress cut and ready to sew up... I think I shall draft some sleeves.
So, while having that on the pile to hem (hand hem, naturally) I ordered a cute vintage pattern from etsy for my daughter.  One of those dresses/blouses from the 70s that you either wore or coveted.  (Put me in the "coveted" pile - the closest I got was a handmedown that was a bit big). 
Rummaged in my lace and ribbon box, went out and got some inexpensive crinkle gauze, and less than a day later, my daughter is prancing around in this.  She wouldn't take it off to let me hem it!   It's in the laundry now.... she doesn't get it back until I hem it.  It would look better with a hand hem, but I think it's getting a machine hem.  (Children and hand hems... they don't go together). 

So why is it that the dress I was head over heels with and put so much effort in doesn't look half as cute as the dress I whipped up in a few hours?
1) Fitting.  8yo's dress is extremely not fitted.  My dress is so fitted that 1/8" on a seam can make or break it.
2) Simplicity.  8yo's dress is very simple.  My dress is not.  Princess seams, godets - not simple.  8yo's dress?  Four pieces of fabric, mostly rectangular.
3) Flattery.  No petticoat, no sweater to make me look more hourglassy.  Whereas 8yo looks best in loose clothing and empire waists. 

I don't look good in unfitted garments.  That's just how it is.  So - I have no choice except to get very, very good about fitting. 


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