Monday, May 13, 2013

Clashing: Flattery and Aesthetics

Sometimes the style that makes you happy and the lines that make your figure look its best aren't really close friends - at least at first glance.

As you age, and as you get heavier, a more structured line is generally more flattering.  I am heavy and curvy and 40... I look better in structured clothing, with a very defined waist.

My personal aesthetic is romantic bohemian.  If you start looking at bohemian and ethereal clothing inspiration, you'll find lots of layers, lots of floaty things, lots of *very thin* and *very young* women doing the modelling.   If I left it at first glance, and didn't go for the make-it-work moment, I'd wander off all sad and wear rockabilly or something.  (Cute clothes.  Not me).

But if you keep looking - some of the most romantic and most boho clothing involves very tight waists, with vests, bodices, wide belts, etc.  After all, these are styles brought from the past... and women of the past didn't want to look frumpy all the time either!

So. Say, "What does my figure need to look its best" - and then reduce that to "structure, waist definition, volume control" and integrate that into your style.  What do you like to show, what do you like to hide?  (Be honest). 

And play.  Always play.


  1. I love the Bohemian romantic stuff too. Corsets? I saw a cute corset made out of denim on pinterest recently, I've never tried to wear one before though.

    1. Yes, corsets, although they're kinda over the top. I'm thinking fitted vests, which are more every-day. When I'm thinner, wide belts.


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