Saturday, May 18, 2013

If you are my daughter, and today is your birthday

Then currently, you are snugged up in your flannel nightgown....

 With the blue owl print, that matches your brother's green owl pajamas.  (Which I made for him at least six months ago - you should also be a patient daughter!)

Your owl nightie has a ribbon covering the gathered seams, so that they don't rub on your tender skin, and all the other seams are frenched or fell. 

You will also be opening (in the afternoon, with your other presents) a skirt from the "easiest clothing in the world" collection.  Joanne's sells this pre-shirred fabric (pre-gathered, pre-hemmed) and I wait for it to go on sale, then snag a yard, french seam it, and voila!  My daughter has a new skirt in >10 minutes.  She's LOVED them so far, the shirring is very comfortable. 
Today my sweetie is 9 years old.  :)  And yes, she's very, very lovely.  And loved!

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