Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I've been working on some projects for my church - we are building a replica of the Tabernacle for study - and I did a bit of experimentation.

And I realised that my sewing machine can make some seriously pretty designs.  Wouldn't some of that be amazing on the cuff and/or collar of a peasant blouse?

Every time you do something for God, He is *so* generous with giving back.  I feel like everything I've given to him over this process, He's been so great about giving me surprise gifts in return.

This time, it was inspiration. 

PS this is the sample sash I'm working on, for the priest's garb. 

I'm in the process of adding colored tassels to the white.  It's supposed to have red, blue and purple.  "For glory".

We'll see what they think when I turn it in!

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