Monday, May 13, 2013

New project. Using math

Note to self:  Double check math, particularly when sleepy.

I decided nothing would do except that I get a tiered skirt out of some fabric I bought on Mother's day (I didn't buy it for MD, I bought it because it's pretty and I have problems with self-control in the fabric store.  Hey, it was $6 yd/20% off - not like I broke the bank).  It's already starting to warm up, I have a feeling there's a hot summer ahead... and my skirts are largely lined at this time.  No one wants a lined skirt at 85 degrees.  Or, I don't. 

I have a petticoat pattern that fits well on top, so I decided to use that.  Widen the waistband a tad, put a zipper in instead of a simple button closure, and work the tiers down.  I certainly don't need it to be as fluffy as the batiste petticoat, so I did the first math at about 1.5x the tier before.  Only, I had something of an oops on my math... so I had some adjustments to make.

This is what my pattern looks like, just so you get the laugh.

Yes I'm totally comfortable working off fairly vague directions - those are the only shaped pieces to the pattern, the rest are all rectangles of one sort or another.  You just do the math.  Hopefully you remember to CHECK your math before cutting, unlike me.  :p  But it's cool.  :)  I got all the tiers out of my fabric... very *very* just barely.

This is the fabric, some ribbon for trim and lace for the hem.  Yes.  Quilting cotton.  I KNOW.  But - it's soft and has a good hand, and it matches any number of items in my casual knit top stack.  I have a short skirt that has similar qualities, that I'm wearing right now - and it misses all the usual complaints about quilting cottons - not fading enormously, not draping oddly, and not being obtrusively homemade.

I have everything cut and interfaced, so tomorrow I can do some sewing.  Brainpower sounds important... especially after today!

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