Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tiered skirt

This skirt took a lot longer than I thought it would!

First I messed up my math, and ended up cutting more pieces than I anticipated.  Then... well, I got picky.  Picky is a good thing.  Every seam is frenched or covered, and I did a proper job on the zipper and buttons.  Okay.  The zipper and buttons didn't take long.  Assembling the tiers *did* - especially the bottom tier, which measures about 6 yards at the hem.  I always forget that even simple things, when they involve miles of fabric, take a long time!

I am particularly pleased - albeit somewhat conflicted - about my solution for seam finishing with my gathered seams.  I've tried a few methods of finishing gathered seams, and have never been satisfied.  Making french seams out of them is a nightmare.  Pinking them doesn't really help.  Hong Kong seams (covered with bias tape) well... those are okay, but they can be a bit scratchy.  They stick out, you know?

I was pawing around in my seam binding bag when I came across some hem tape - and this is a *beautiful* finish.  I sewed one side of the hemtape to the seam (on the wrong side) and the other side I handstitched to the skirt, so I have flat ribbons instead of lumpy gathers or ravelly messes. 
So I am totally psyched about the finish quality.  But the time!  It took me about four hours to do all the handsewing on this skirt. 
Other details:  It fits well, and is ridiculously comfortable.  I don't feel like I'm wearing a skirt, it's so light and holds so far out from my legs.  It's *definitely* a twirling skirt!
All in all - I'm happy.

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