Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A lot on my mind

There's a lot on my mind, and if I start blogging it out (which I intend to do) there will be a lot on the blog, too.

Today I want to take it easy and show you my mending!

DH wears button-tab collars, and he also wears a lanyard full of badges.  He's forever ripping out the buttons on his collars. I was interfacing/patching the inside of the shirt the other day and he said, "why not use a button" and I realized that's just what they do on really heavy coats, when they need a button - they put a button on the inside to support the weight. 


(The pictures came out a bit over exposed, but hopefully you get the idea.)  This is the front of the shirt, and the button for the tab collar.  Can you see the damaged fabric, where the button's been ripped off a few times?  (Fortunately most of this is hidden beneath the collar).

Here's the button I found for the inside of the shirt.  I interfaced the area, too.
So far, this button hasn't ripped out again, and it feels very strong.  The downside?  Well, I'd hate to try to unbutton this very often, I sewed it down pretty tightly.  This method is usually used for shank buttons, I think - it's easy to see why.  There's little give.  But tab collars only get unbuttoned if you're doing ironing (and sometimes not then) so I think it's okay.
If THIS rips out?  Well, new shirt time. 
Is anyone else out there tending to their mending?

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