Friday, June 14, 2013

Ambassadors ...

This is an idea I will be developing more fully as I go along. 

I talk to people, all kinds of people.  Those people tell me that fewer and fewer of my fellow Americans really know what it is to be a serious Christian.  Conservative Christians are getting folded in with all kinds of unsavory company in peoples' heads. 

I think we Christians are going to have to give up the idea that we can make this world into what it ought to be.  At least for the time being. 

What we do need to do is get out there and be Christians.  We need to exhibit the fruits of the Spirit, as loudly as possible - and we need to do it identifiably as Christians.  We need to quit hiding our lights under bushels.

This sounds like it contradicts my immediate prior essay on modesty, but not really.  I don't think we should dress so radically different from the folks we're around as to frighten them, make them uneasy.  We've lost the advantage of people being curious about our religion.  Now we need to reassure them.  We need to be like them... only the "them" that they wish they could be.  We need to shine.

This is a hard road to travel - but I think if all of us work together to be Christlike maybe we can start erasing the misconceptions about Christians... and maybe our ranks will start growing once again.

I have a burden for the souls of the lost. 

What do you think?

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