Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Don't be so grabby

You know when you organize your own life to get something you really want, and then it doesn't happen the way you wanted it to?

That would be today.

Life's turned up the heat lately, and I am super tired.  Stress-tired, not physically tired.  So today the plan was to chill out - potter around, do some yard work (as I said, not physically tired), goof off.


Details aren't terribly relevant - the point is not today, because mostly I'm not stressed out and tired from today.  Today was whipped cream... I could just skip the cherry, thanks.

Now, I know that my Lord knows what I need, and I know He is trustworthy to provide it - so I figure He'll get me some rest and sort out the stresses.  I don't need to grab for what I want, I can wait.

I don't want to wait - and yes, there are some issues I've been in prayer about that I'd dearly like positive resolution on, and He's told me loud and clear that He's got it... but I'm not to rush Him, nor am I allowed to even TRY to figure out the big picture or His timetable.

Apparently we're working on my Faith. 

Well, I've been well-fed lately, well-provided for.  I've nothing to complain about and if it suits my Lord that I'm moderately uncomfortable while He untangles things, so be it.  I'd still like a nap, though.

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