Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Husband's Shirt: Pattern Adjustments

After looking at the price of new shirts for my husband vs. the price of shirting fabric, I decided we could really save some cash if I had a shirt pattern that fit him. 

First I thought that I could trace one of his favorite shirts and go from there.  Then I started tracing and realized that that was well beyond my skill level.  So I ran to the Big Four and got a shirt pattern much like his favorite, and made adjustments to the pattern based on the measurements of the shirt.  (This was actually pretty easy).

So far we have:

I'll make a muslin of this shirt and see what we need to change.  Right now I'm torn between making a "wearable muslin" and just using my normal stack of old sheets.  (Helpful hint:  If you sew and do a good bit of fitting/muslining, put the word out to your friends and family that you'll take old woven sheets.  I haven't bought fabric just for muslins in an age!)

As you can see, I did a lot of lengthening!  DH is tall and has a long torso.  He requires *every inch* of tall-sized clothing, and standard patterns are graded for shorter men.  The XL required 3" of increase everywhere, even on the short sleeves.  I used the XXL through the neck and sleeves, and expect to do a bit of thinning through the lower torso - he looks best in a trim fit, but has been doing a lot of shoveling in the yard lately, so he's put on a bit more muscle through the chest/shoulders.

This will be my first go at sewing for a male - well, anything other than loose-fitting pajamas for my son.  Should be interesting.

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