Saturday, June 1, 2013

Looks like there will be some changes

Business:   My day-to-day blog site looks like it's probably closing down, so I will be putting some daily life posts here.  Not too many of them, honestly I'm less interested in publishing daily blah to the world at large than I have been in years past.  I'll be expanding the subject matter, but ultimately my life and my heart are about being lovely, so that will be central.  Might make me settle down and think about quality rather than quantity, which is good.
Inspiration:  I have been interning at my church and we're required to read through quite a list of books (mostly about Christian living).  I finished Revolutionary Parenting by George Barna and am working on Jesus Style, by Gayle Erwin.  Both talk about how to be a good inspiration - to your children and/or to those around you.  I'm a pretty good mom, but I need to step up my game.  There are things my kids need to learn that they're not going to pick up from the aether.  Being a good example, not just using words - and being an active participant in lives, a real coach.  Express love in humility and be really real. 

One of my spiritual gifts is exhortation, so telling people what to do and bouncing at them is a strength.  Providing structure is a strength.  Perservering day after day and providing discipline?  Not a strength.  I hate fighting with anyone.  I will have the opportunity to grow in this area in the near future, while putting more effort into incremental teaching (also not a strength).  Spending a lot of time thinking about specifics for the summer and the next year, as my daughter (9) is finishing up her last year in public school and my son (12) is getting ready for his second year at home/charter school.  I've been making a lot of lists of things to teach them!!  (I'm good at lists). 

Like every parent the world over, I want to give all good things to my kids.  Like every geek the world over, I love knowledge, and I want to give them as much of that as I can.  Creating a hunger for knowledge... that's the thing.  One might pray for me, I certainly am not sufficient for this task.
Sewing:  I have a second gauze top cut and started.  I took a hiatus from sewing over Memorial day weekend and haven't gotten back into it.  I over did things the week before, and then I got sick.  I've been debating whether or not to put a gathered waist into this shirt.  At the moment I'm leaning towards "not" but that will no doubt change a few times after I get back to the sewing table.

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