Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mark II - Peasant Blouse Experimentation

I was able to get back to the sewing machine today, and I finished up the second peasant blouse.

I did a few things differently this time: 

1) I changed the sleeve.  I softly gathered the bottom of the sleeve and put it into some bias tape. 

2) Right before I sewed it, I decided that the bright white fabric didn't suit me, and that I should take a chance and tea-dye it slightly.  It hasn't resulted in the most even dye job ever, but the color is good.  (I got this fabric from the remnants table, so no harm, no foul).  Much better than bright white, at least on my skin.
True white to the left, lightly dyed to the right

3) I added waist elastic. I look better with waist definition, and I thought this would be good.  I'm also planning a dress with a similar style, and was wondering if the waist elastic would work.  It will, I think, but I'm going to have to add a fair bit of it, and the inner stay I was thinking would be necessary?  *Definitely* going to be required.

Even so, it's better tucked in, unless I'm wearing a slim skirt (I do have a couple).

The only bad thing about experimenting with this blouse is that the last step is adding the elastic on the top ... and that elastic changes the fit of the entire blouse, so there's little way to see how things fit until you're pretty well done.  I decided the sleeves were too long and the tape didn't tie tightly enough, so I did a slight fix to change that.  I won't make sleeves quite like this again - or if I do, they'll be four inches shorter.

One more ridiculously light and comfortable top for the summer - I call this a win!




  1. I like it untucked - Looks comfy too! I still need to sew - I didn't forget!
    I just have no time. very sad :o(
    The color is darling also - win- win!

    1. If I only had a few clones... I'd sew FOR people. :/

      Thank you! (((hugs)))


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