Friday, June 14, 2013

Outfit post and time to clean out the closet

Not Being Too Scary, or What I Wore to Barnes and Noble & the Grocery Store:  My Holly Hobby skirt with a t-shirt from Target and a headband from Charlotte Russe. 

Note:  I'm covered up.  I'm casual and accessible.  And I found something to go with this crazy skirt.  (Yes, it was an oops.  But "make it work" - and I did learn that this shape is insanely air-conditioned.  I will make more, just not out of yellow quilting cotton.  No matter how dear the pattern).


The TC girls were talking about closet insanities... this is a picture of everything in my closet.  Obviously I have a bunch of clothes that aren't hanging clothes, or are special occasion/seldom worn clothing, and I don't keep those in the main closet (which I share with my husband, and yes, this is all the space I've got).  They've inspired me to go through my special occasion stuff - and his.  He's got a few suits in there (we don't wear suits much around these parts) and none of them fit.  :p
I strongly prefer to have a small amount of fabulous basic clothes that mix and match... I'm working on it.  Losing weight is helping!!  I can weed out my mistakes without tears.  :)
Just a quick post.  Off to B&N I go!!


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