Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pretty Presents and Perseverance

First:  Pretty Presents

My family and I went to the county fair on Friday.  It was a gorgeous day, and *of course* we had to do some shopping.  I came home with a ton of accessories - things for my hair (I always have something in my hair for a cover), earrings, bracelets... yep, I was very naughty. 

I'm going to come right out and admit that I *love* pretty pretty presents.  And I enjoyed my day out with the familia very much. 

A picture of part of a mural as we entered the fairgrounds
Second:  Perseverance

We seem to be in a season of "just keep swimming, I've got this".  God's been asking my husband and I to really step up our faith.  Not just faith in God's goodness, and submission to His will, but faith that something is being worked on and changed, and that we will see it and benefit from the changes. 

No timelines, no word on what He's doing or how He's doing it .... just "I've got this". 

Frankly, although I can feel the faith increasing, I'm hoping that this is just an object lesson and we can be done soon.  We are both very tired, and resolution would be good.  BEST - of course - would be whatever awesome thing that God has in store for us.  I'm willing to wait for "Best".  LOL as I was typing this, I realized that God also knows our break-strength, and how far we can go before we're really, truly done.  He's "got this"... indeed.  /grin.

Third:  Interning is a lot of work

I've been doing church stuff ... or at least "something"... every weekend for the last month, and can I say, I'm burnt?  I very badly need a rest.  First thing I've learned from interning - I don't like being scheduled this much.  I'm getting cranky and rebellious.  I need more time in the sewing room and more time doing stuff in my house, and less time taking lessons. 

This too shall pass - I'm learning quite a lot, and we all know how much I love to learn!

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