Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sashes for Priests: The Tabernacle Project

My church is working on making a copy of the Tabernacle to use for study and tours.  I volunteered for the priests' garments.

The robes are done.  The shorts are done (excepting some better ropes for the waistbands).  Next up?  Sashes! 

I thought there might be interest in A) just seeing the sashes and B) learning how to make fringe, so I give you the benefit of the 4am wakeup call that God gave me.

First:  Decide how long you want your fringe to be, and carefully iron your fabric (you'll want a fabric with fairly large fibers for this, if you want to remain sane.  It should also be plain weave - not satin or twill).  Mark the line where you want your trim to come to, and stitch a line of matching thread.  This will anchor your work.  Strive to make sure that you are *on grain* - it will matter.

Second:  Cut strips of your to-be-fringed fabric.  I find that 3-4" balances the "Ugh, not another row of unraveling!" with "my threads keep getting stuck!"

Third:  Start pulling threads!  At least with this fabric (linen, mid-weight, visible fibers but tightly woven), I found quickly that pulling individual threads was actually faster than trying to pull multiples, as counter-intuitive as that sounds.  The multiple threads get stuck.  :p  Pulling them out to the side is a bonus, and minimizes fuzzing. 
Yes.  This takes For.Ev.Er.
This is what the shredded out fringe looks like when you're done.  Don't worry, I'm in no way done with these sashes.  But you'll have to see the rest as I do them - and frankly I have two (and a half) more sashes to fringe out, so you may be waiting a bit for the decorative goodies. 

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