Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Use what you have - and use it up

It was time for the annual beginning of summer closet clean-out.  This is more for the kids than anyone else, but my husband and I contributed a few items as well.

I'm pretty pleased with the minions - they sorted out their own closets, and I just had to go through and do some final supervisory work.  Half of these bags are headed to the DAV, the other half are headed to the landfill.  Well.  I thinned out the bags headed to landfill...

And turned a large pile of shrunken, stained t-shirts into perfectly good rags.  My husband does a lot of refinishing work, and he goes through rags like nobody's business. 
I think that's lovely - using what you have on hand to do good things, instead of always buying new.  Getting all the use out of the good things God's given you - it's just good stewardship.

Speaking of taking good things that God gives you and making use out of them... We just planted a rosebush in the backyard, and it's been blooming like crazy.  The blooms have the most insane rose fragrance, so I decided to give a try to drying some of the defunct petals.  I spent a few minutes picking them off, putting them in a mesh laundry bag, and I hung them up in the patio, over my sewing area.  If it works, I'll have some pretty, scented petals to put in Christmas gifts - and if it doesn't, well... those roses were done anyway.  No harm, no foul.    And it was fun.  :)


  1. It feels so good to clean out those closets! Found your blog zig-zagging through other Christian blogs -- a rare treat for me :)
    I like your short, practical posts - great job.


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