Monday, July 22, 2013

18th Anniversary Today

We'll celebrate properly tomorrow.  Tonight my husband worked late and I have a class at church ... but tomorrow we'll whoop it up.  Well, sorta.  ;)

I bought him some plants and put them in the pretty blue pot he bought me last year.  (I know, weird, but they're symbolic plants, and the plants in my pot died). 

I think he's busy buying me chocolate right now. 

So, for those of you not on FB, a few wedding pix.  :)

Random courting pic.  For the geeks in the room, we were playing Talisman.  For the fashion buffs, here's jeans before spandex - and yes, I'm just as comfy sitting on the floor as I look. 
Wedding day.  DH is pointing out where he threw the garter - and how he nailed the best man intentionally so he'd grab it without thinking about it.  There's a very funny pic of the best man's rueful expression in my album. 

Wedding Reception.  Changed to the going away dress, DH got rid of the jacket and tie.  I think I had my brain back at this point.  Maybe.


  1. Congrats. Mrs. Bubba and I just celebrated 17.

    And did it work out for the best man? :^)

    1. Nah, took him another decade or so to get hitched. :) Thank you! :) And congrats yourself. :D


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