Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A sense of wonder

I saw the full moon last night, as I walked out of intern class at church.  I paused a moment, and said a quick prayer.  "Thank you, Lord - it's beautiful!"  I didn't pause long ... I was in a hurry to get home to my husband and children.  I ought to have.  But even so, I was struck by the loveliness of the moon, and the sensation of wonder.

We moderns don't allow ourselves wonder, and I think that this state of being could be a tool of beauty and evangelism. 

Moderns see the picture of "Supermoon" on their computer monitors ... but they don't go outside.  Moderns never pause and contemplate nature, unless they're specifically taking time to do just that (a vacation, a hike, etc).  Contemplation, and naked admiration - they're not seen much these days.  And wonder is a beautiful thing.

Wonder is a child-like emotion suited to those commanded to have a child-like faith.  Wonder breeds awe and gratitude.  It takes us out of ourselves, and gives us a moment to appreciate our Creator.  Wonder is timeless. 

Wonder is beautiful.  It is free of ego.  Who doesn't love the expression on someone's face, when they're lost in the moment?

Wonder crosses boundaries, as we can all stand breathless at beauty.  Wonder is something we have in common, although most of us are too cool to let it out.

Wonder is deeply uncool.  Coolness depends on not being impressed or awed by anything, and thus coolness repudiates wonder.

So, in allowing ourselves to be filled with wonder, we make the ache in the hearts of those 'round us grow stronger.  We serve them by reminding them of the bigger world around them, reminding them of their child-selves, reminding them to stop and be.  We become beautiful, simply by reflecting the love of beauty. 

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