Sunday, July 21, 2013

Back to Business

My husband has been on vacation all week, and so I have been somewhat at loose ends, with no particular schedule.  This is not my natural order - I like to know when I ought to be doing what - even if I change things 'round, I like to have a rhythm.

When we added the clothesline, we added a step to the dance which is daily life.  If I'm to use the clothesline for most or all of our laundry (which I am trying to do, at least in this summer season), then I must take into account the proper time of day to *do* laundry, which formerly I'd taken no notice of whatsoever.  I must also not load the poor thing down with multiple loads in one day - it won't fit!  (I can get two loads on at a time, with ease - and should I need to do a third, at least in this season, I find the first has dried).  Thus, one load of laundry must be washed at night, so I can put it out first thing in the morning. 

I find myself best pleased with life when I put up my dinner dishes before bed - there's another thing that wants doing in the evening hours.  Serious scrubbings?  Well - I've found that those are best done in the morning hours, when my energy is highest and my children still sleeping or extremely inactive.  My energy is highest in the morning, my brain sharpest in the evening.  I tend to be a bit fuzzy in the afternoons, or at least inclined to do things that need quiet.  At any rate, if I take it easyish in the afternoons, I'm a much more pleasant companion to my husband.  Both of us don't need to be exhausted at the same hour, it's inefficient.

I made a schedule.  It's quite loose, as I'm a grown up and things shift around constantly.  It's mostly to remind me to be in balance (and to get those afternoon things done!)

Things to do in the evening:
Dishes/clean kitchen
collect/sort laundry
put a load of laundry on to wash
Things to do in the morning
hang laundry
errands (short only)
Things to do in the afternoon
take in laundry
make dinner
lessons with children 
longer-term errands with children

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