Saturday, July 6, 2013

Beaming Beams

Do you remember the rosepetals on my exposed beams in the patio (aka sewing room)?

They're drying nicely, although admittedly (and as expected) the color is dying off as well.  That's okay, I have some more vividly colored (and less scented) roses I can add to perk up the visual (or I could just make packets where you couldn't see the petals at all, which is a possibility).


As of today, they have neighbors.

First off, we decided that the second-year onions had bloomed out enough, and we're going to save the seed.  So I snipped off the blooms and put them into paper bags, so that they can hang upside down and dry.

Nasty empty nails where boards came off?  They can be used for good! 

Then my mom (who grows lavender in a hedge) decided to trim things back a bit so that her tomato plants had a bit more room.  She called me, "Care for a bit of lavender?"  "Sure!"

I think I need to requalify the word "bit".

So I stuffed much larger paper bags with lavender (occasionally lavender bushes!) and hung it about.  Hopefully it will dry nicely - DH doesn't think so, but I do.  No harm, no foul if not.  It's been damp but is coming right along to the dry season. 

If nothing else, my patio smells really interesting, with onion, rose, and lavender all wafting about! 

Sometimes Summer can be fun.  :)

(PS I think I will make rice bags with these petals - everyone loves getting rice bags for Christmas).

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