Thursday, July 25, 2013

Book Review: Color Your Style, by David Zyla

I was all set to really love this book.  More color theory!  Fine tune your season!

And then... then I didn't.  First, it was really New Age.  While color psychology is entirely real (and useful), I don't think wearing my Romantic color is going to bring Love into my life.  Of course flattering shades of pink are highly approachable... but that's not what the author seemed to mean.  Eh.  That would have made me shake my head and just keep going...

There are two parts to this book.  The first is identifying your various main colors from your own skin, hair and eyes.  I can get into that, and I'm going to play with it a bit - although I maintain that navy is a better base color for me than is dusty turquoise.   But the various shades of aqua?  I do find those soothing.  My seaturtles dress is a perfect example.  If I could only FIND the just-right shade of pinkish cream, I'm sure I'd wear it to death... but short of having my own dye pot, I'm not sure how I'll manage that.

The second part alleges that you can find your color personality, your archetype, within your season, and you can fine-tune your color usage, your style and ... it's a personality test.  Which leaves something to be desired, since the closest match to my personality wasn't in my season.  Hm.  Should I wander around in grey and lavender?  I think not.  Anyway, Romantic Feminine Nature Girl wasn't on the list!  /laugh  How could they limit themselves so terribly? 

I did find the style that I'd mis-labelled as my own, which made me extremely cautious. 

Anyway.  It's got some fun bits.  If you see it in an estate sale or charity shop, pick it up.  It's worth the couple of hours it will take to read.  I'll let you know how wearing colors from my own set of crayons works out.  :)

Here's my pack of crayons so far:

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