Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Eh. It's a skirt. It's cool. It will do.

A skirt in which I am insufficiently interested, but will wear for the next couple of months regardless.

Just the facts:

Materials:  4 yardsish (I bought two big pieces) of remnant batik plaid from my favorite cheap fabric store.  A zipper, some thread, a button and a few inches of bias tape.

Pattern:  Tried and true, Vogue skirt pattern from the early 80s.  A -line (obviously).  Front.  Back.  Waistband.  Zipper.  Easy?  Insanely.  Made a micro-hem with my baby-hemmer.

Concept:  Oh look, cheap cotton on the remnant table, and it's dark enough to be opaque.  I could use another skirt for summer - and the last thing I want is a lined skirt or to have to wear a slip.  Hooray!

Things that make me happy:  It's cool, opaque, and comfortable.  I *am* wearing a skirt, right?  Can hardly tell.  I don't do hot, so this is a *huge* plus.  I like the color.

Things that make me unhappy:  Someone beat me the next time I cheap out on fabric, please?  PLEASE?  This stuff stretched in the extraordinarily short time between cutting the skirt and assembling it onto the waistband.  The waist *should* be a couple of inches longer than the skirt, overlapping nicely for a proper button.  (I used some bias tape to make a loop).  So it's kinda too big.  Not that this is a huge problem in light summer skirts, but I am working on losing weight (8lb down) and "too big" means that this skirt has a very short shelf life.

I also didn't match the plaid properly, thinking in terms of matching patterns front and back rather than on the sides... -sigh-  I was disappointed that I couldn't cut this on the bias (I wanted the diagonal plaid thing going on) because the width of the skirt meant that my fabric panels were too small.  I think I'd have needed 60" wide fabric at the least.

It IS very comfortable. 

ETA:  Two hours of wear and it's now two inches too big in the waist.  Time to rip out a sideseam and see what can be done.

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  1. It would be adorable with combat boots in the fall.


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