Thursday, July 25, 2013

It's been a really hectic week

Somehow that doesn't mean I haven't been writing my fingers to the bone, but I guess that's what introverts do to recharge.  Slap on the headset and stare determinedly into the computer screen. 

Zoo trips, swimming lessons, sick husbands, brand-new braces on daughter's teeth, trips to Costco, car repair... that's a lot to shove into a very few days.  At least for me.  The busier I get, the more I realize how very much I loathe being busy!  What do I want?  A nice quiet time at home, order and peace and clean and plans and quiet.

I've been blogging like crazy over at HHH. 

The cat is sleeping on the fabric I put out to cut .... I'm going to have to wash it again maybe before I try cutting it.  :p


Peace is lovely.................................

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