Monday, July 1, 2013

Lovely Laundry: Sustainability and Savings

We got a letter from the energy company last week.  It informed us that our energy bill was going to go up by about $75/month (at a minimum).  We have, therefore, ordered a proper clothesline.

Honestly, unless you live in an HOA (and why you'd want to do that I don't know) it's pretty ridiculous to live in SoCal, with any suggestion of daytime  hours at home, and *not* use a clothesline.  We have available solar 85%++ of the year.  My parents didn't even own a dryer until about 10 years ago.  (You just wait if it's raining.  It rarely rains that many days in a row).

We had a couple of clotheslines a few years back, and it saved us some major power bills.  Unfortunately, we set them up poorly.  We had two short lines for a family of four - a family who generates an average of two loads per DAY.  I couldn't hang out all the laundry at once - and even here, it rarely dries completely in just a few hours.  And then (because one side was anchored to a tree) we got ants trotting across and well, other things happened to the laundry because one side was anchored to a tree... what I'm saying?  Fail.

This time, we're getting proper clothesline anchors, the kind we grew up with.  So - our whites will be whiter, our clothes will last a bit longer, and my ironing duties might lighten up a bit.  The only downside is the process of hanging, which I rather enjoy.  Not as much as I enjoy the smell of line-dried sheets... yum!  I will still dryerdry towels and DH's undershirts, because he was fairly clear about not liking those things off the line (I don't use softener, and yes - things get crisp).

In other clothing-related news, DH has not yet elected to try on his trial-shirt.  It's still on the back of the chair!  LOL I knew he hated trying on clothes when I married him.  Fortunately for his wardrobe maintenance, I'd ordered a few new shirts.  They're kinda scratchy, even if they are 100% cotton... I hope that stuff washes out!!!!!!!!!

I spent the weekend putting embroidery on the sashes.  My grand idea to double the width of the embroidery combined with the fact that these aren't TRIAL sashes, so they have two sides... yeah.  Sitting at the machine just keeping the stitches relatively even?  Not exciting.  I think I'm going to over-embroider them, they need more color.  Anyway, I don't have anything to show you yet.  :p

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer days...........

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