Sunday, July 7, 2013

More Summer Harvest Fun

Today we did the first bit of summer harvesting.  Oh I'd gotten a cucumber or two - but today we did some proper picking.  

Onion, cucumber (I sent some to Mom) and green beans.  I think this is going to be my last try at bush-beans, I'm not getting much in production.  Next year, we're going pole.  :p  Two standard cukes, two lemon.

The rest of the onions, put out where they'll get sun and not water.  At least theoretically.  You're *supposed* to cure your onions a bit - although these are sweet onions, so I think only a little bit.  They didn't make very big bulbs, though this is their second year.  (I know they're one year things.  Guess root crops and clay soil don't go well together). 

Erosion control can be pretty:  Wisteria, morning glory, and four rosebushes just in this picture alone.  Sadly, this is not angled - my back hill really is nearly vertical.  Thus, the need for erosion control.

 One of our tea roses - I was so thrilled to find these for residential sale.  The buds are small yet, somewhere between mini and tea, but that's okay.  Roses get bigger as they mature.  This was the rose that we had at our wedding - it's called Fire and Ice.  Lovely, isn't she?  We have two bushes, and they're covered with blooms, which is sweet - since our anniversary is later this month.  :)


  1. Your roses are very pretty!

    1. Thanks Sis! I should try to get a pic of all of the roses behind the wall next time they all bloom for me. :)


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