Saturday, July 13, 2013

Operation Ladylike

We were having a fine chat over at TC about being ladylike (
and I told my husband that I'd been voted "most ladylike" (because I thought it was pretty crazy).  He told me that yes, my online  persona is extremely ladylike... it's my mannerisms that aren't.

This made me do some thinking.  I strive to have a fairly transparent and consistent personality - so that what you see on the outside represents what you get on the inside, but since I'm still using the word "strive" - you would not be incorrect to think that this isn't a process in completion!

I don't think I can do much about my personality.  I'm an old-school, old-fashioned lady, if I'm a lady at all.  (Debate amongst yourselves).  This can be problematic at times.  (See post at HHH:

So, what's left to be changed?  The outside.  I need to start picking up the mannerisms of a lady - and using them habitually.  I also need to show a bit more emotion and a few flashes of stubbornness.  Moderns react unpleasantly to surprise backbones. 

Well.  I read old books and have a fine collection of Miss Manners (I love reading Miss Manners) so I know what to do - now all that remains is to get to work!

Spine straight, grooming *on*.

Makeup.  Jewelry.  Perfume.  Hair up. 
Do you think this will remind me to sit up a bit straighter?
That's the idea.


  1. I read your marshmallow covered titanium post and I'm commenting here because it's just easier for me to comment on blogger than wordpress. :0) I honestly don't think you need help or need to shift those traits at all. It's the rest of the world that has turned itself on it's ear quite willingly. Like our mothers used to say, “If everyone else jumps of a bridge doesn't mean you have to as well!” I am purposely staying far away from the bridge, lol. We live in a culture that wants to take things that were always seen as good and pure and well mannered and say that now those very things are dishonest and prudish and wrong. Rubbish! Granted, I spend most of my life feeling like Alice on the wrong side of the looking glass but I just don't care. I won't call that which is good – wrong. I won't be made to feel dishonest for being kind. I won't rearrange my moral compass because John and Jane Doe don't agree with me. See? Stubborn as the day is long and a backbone that is strong enough to see me through the storms in life. But if I choose to cover that backbone in eyelet and chintz, there is nothing at all wrong with that.

  2. You made me laugh out loud... :)

    And that's it, really. I am tired of being guilty of false advertising. I need to make sure that I look (on the outside) like such a lady that people get a clue about the inside.

  3. And you're doing a fine job of it. Don't forget to be fun and have fun at the same time too. You're allowed to make a joyful noise along the way. Now about that Christmas sewing project for hubby..... :)


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