Tuesday, July 2, 2013


The last couple of months have been crazy between the usual end-of-school hijinks and my intern schedule.  I've been away from home *far* too much, and bits of the house were are really showing some wear-and-tear.  They want deep cleaning, not wipe-it-down and go on.

I didn't realize the depth of my frustration with non-cleaning until I found myself with a roll of contact paper attacking my kitchen.  Oh yes, it needed doing.  I haven't re-papered since we moved in, 12 years ago.  (Of course I've cleaned it, but repapered?  No).  I have pretty terrible kitchen cabinets that we keep meaning to have replaced and keep putting off, so my priority for deep cleaning them tends to get pushed off too.  (Next, I need to make curtains for the upper cabinets - DH pulled one off to try some paint on - it didn't work, rather spectacularly.)

I don't know if it's a God Thing or just a Me Thing, but I have been cleaning anything in the kitchen that holds still, in no particular order.  Today I was repapering the cabinet that was the one that was annoying me most... and I've repapered half of the others already.  As I said, no system.  I'm thrilled with how clean and neat everything is - even the kids are happy that I reorganized. 

That has been nice - having them home all the time, and having the time to do stuff without having to stop and think, "I need to be somewhere" twice a day.  At the moment they're taking swimming lessons, so we do have to do that ONCE a day.  :)  But it's worth it. 

DH is on his own random missions.  He's finally finishing the stucco work he started in the back of the house.  Seven years ago?  Yeah.  It's been a long, long time.  And this, after working massive overtime.  It's kind of crazy. 

So, if you're looking for me... look for the scrubbrush!

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