Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer Afternoon: Bucolic Pleasure

This morning I was grumpy for no good reason. 

Went to Target for stuff.  Came back to find DH putting the clothes line on the posts he'd put in yesterday.  Happy!  Hung out first load of clothes.  Pottered about a bit, cut part of a skirt out that I've been wanting to make (remnant skirt, I shrank out of my first summer skirt this week, so I need light weight replacements.  Post when I get it sewn up).  Took the minions to the swimming pool.

Came back - DH decided to go to the store and get meat and set his pellet grill up and make dinner for us.  It was delish!  That was a very nice surprise.  Hung the second load of laundry out, with the help of my daughter (she came out to help me) and took down the first load.

Realized somewhere along the way that I'm enjoying myself tremendously. 

Decided randomly to scrub my kitchen floor after doing the washing up (the knives and whatnot that you can't put in the dishwasher).  This made DH shake his head.  It's a small floor, and it wanted a proper scrub. 

Still feeling very chipper.  Tired, but chipper.

Going to hang the third load out, then take a bath.  In Epsom salts, which I've found extremely addictive.  (egads, she admits an addiction to bath salts.  -snickersnickersnicker-)  I bought a jar for them at Target today, so I don't have to look at a bag sitting there and wait for it to get squashy with humidity.  Pretty.  :)

Apres bath?  Planning to fold the laundry that got washed and dried via dryer, and work in the sewing room a bit more.  :)

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