Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sunscreen? Sun Hat!

I don't like wearing sunscreen. 

Oh, I'll wear it if we're going to be out all day, say at an amusement park or something.  But if I'm not going to be out for hours... I just don't wear it.

However, I sit in full sun every day at my kids' swimming lessons.  Not good - especially for a lifetime California Girl who has pretty heavy sun exposure to her upper chest already.  (You can't avoid it unless you wear sunscreen religiously or turtlenecks - I am talking just below the clavicles). 

Solution?  Sun hat. 

Now, I have a perfectly normal sun-hat that I wear when I need to walk around or be halfway normal.  But to face directly into the sun for an hour?  Ah, that's when I bring out the Pink Mushroom of Dooom.

Yes.  It's large.  It's silly.  It's oversized - and it does a BEAUTIFUL job of keeping the sun off.

Random fashion solutions.....

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