Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The requirements of beauty

An aspect of beauty, in all of its forms, is the aspect of whole-ness.  A beautiful X is, whatever else it is, whole and in the shape that it ought to be.

If a beautiful woman ... the woman is the shape she ought to be, and she's in good health.

If a beautiful house... it's in good repair, clean and neat.

If a beautiful garden... even the most chaotic (I do love a chaotic garden) are free of weeds and clutter.

This is, quite frankly, a place where I have to shove myself into gear.  I love making things pretty - adding ribbons and lace and sticking seeds in the ground and setting up trellises and putting vases of flowers on the table.

But if I'm going to achieve my goal of a beautiful self or a beautiful home or a beautiful garden... first I have to do the work of cleaning, maintaining, and reining in.  None of this is at all fun for me.  There are those whose love is of order - may they be blessed in the gift God has given them!

When I do clean and put things in order, I sometimes get a very self-flagellant thought-mode on and act like it's a punishment.  "No pretties for you, my sweet!  You must weed!"  Sigh.  The maintenance stuff seems like it never *ends*.   Clean the floors, and you find dirt in the bookshelf.  Clean the bookshelf and you see the dirt on the screen.  Clean the screen and find the weeds in the garden.  Weed the garden (like that ever really finishes!) and come back and find that your floor has been tracked full of mud. 

I have to have balance.  The older I get, the more I see how an orderly home is important to my mental well-being.  But just as order and cleanliness lend themselves to a peaceful heart, so too must I create.  I have to go into the sewing room and cut and stitch and.... make a mess.  I have to go into the kitchen and slice and saut√© and... make a mess.  I have to go into the garden and plant a rosebush... and make a mess. 

There must be balance between maintenance and creativity.  When the flower fully blooms - when all is in health, in order - and beyond that, is allowed to flower, then ... THEN you have beauty. 

Dieting, weeding, going to the salon, scrubbing the bathroom floor... none of it is interesting.  But it's all necessary. 


  1. Wise advice! This is so true, I hate writing and doing the boring stuff too, but it must be done.

    1. I like writing! I don't like cleaning. :p Or weeding. :P :P :P

      BUT I like a clean house without weeds. Somehow the pixies haven't shown up to do it for me... so I 'spect I'm supposed to do it myself.


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