Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Home Maintenance: Life Cycles: Balance

As I mentioned over at HHH... I asked God to make my home a blessed place full of beauty and peace, and got answered with a huge urge to clean.  Instead of portling along (I like to make up words, you'll get used to it) and tidying a bit here and there and making sure things stay decent, I was thrown the idea to speed clean.  I've hit this idea before, it always sounds good - I like getting boring things done so I can do real stuff, and cleaning qualifies as boring in my book.   But the pin had specific suggestions... and ONE of them made all the difference.  http://pinterest.com/pin/177610779027535203/

It's silly.  Really silly.  Because I've hit this idea before, never used it.  C'est la vie... you want the idea, right?  Get a laundry basket.  Get your cleaning supplies.  Go find a room.  Clean it top to bottom, chucking everything that doesn't belong in that room in the laundry basket.  I know, not rocket science.  But just doing that and NOT stopping to go put the stuff away?  Huge time saver.  Then when you're done with the cleaning, you put away the randomness.  (Or deploy your minions, since most of it happened to be *their* stuff). 

She had some specifics... I'll have to work it 'round to my own way of doing things and my own needs.  But having not just a pleasantly tidy house (you have enough pictures of my house ... it's always pleasant) but a properly clean house?  That's a good reward.  And if I'm to spend more time writing and sewing and teaching my short people... I need to start with my business taken care of so I don't feel guilty working on the good stuff.  (I feel guilty - I don't always do stuff about it, I just feel bad.  Better to power through and get on with life).

But powering on?  That's something kind of interesting that I have to work on.  I think I might (TMI alert, boys) be the most cyclic woman I know.  I don't do much in the way of PMS moodiness, excepting a predisposition to thinking people are speaking ill of me, but ... energy levels?  Interests?  Appetite? You can tell where I am on my cycle by checking my to-do list.  I range from "today is a good day to nap" to "I will do all the things!!!!!!!!"

So if I set myself up on a system where I do the same thing every day and that "same thing" is challenging... doesn't work.  Paradoxically, if I challenge myself, my "minimum standard" raises ever so gradually.  It's like ... well, going out for errands today.  On the one hand, I knew when my blood sugar was tanking and I needed to have lunch and a bit of rest.  Could I have pushed through?  Yes.  Would I have been obligated, should I have chosen to do so, to keep my temper with the kiddos AND behind the wheel?  Yes.  But... why stress myself out?  I was 10 minutes away from my home.  So I did the smart thing, came home and had lunch and a rest.  Then we finished up the rest of the errands, and I don't feel like disemboweling anyone.  Win!  I still got all the errands finished.  :)

Every part of life reflects that pull between pushing yourself to new things and knowing your limits.  I am balanced... if you consider a see-saw balanced.  ;) 

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