Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Homeschool Curricula: Done!

Whew!  That was a job!  :p  Setting up for the new year is always a bear.  First you figure out what you're doing, then you have to chop it up into bite sized bits.  THEN you carve things down into week-by-week assignments. 

Yes, the charter school does some of this for me - thank you, Lord - but I'm particular, and we do some of it ourselves.

Here's what my kiddos are doing.

4th Grader: 

Literature:         Heidi (Five Weeks)
                          Write-ups (One Week)
                        Lexia (3x/wk)
Lost in Literature (Friday)

Mathematics:    Singapore 4A:  Chapters 1-3

Writing:           Charter School Writing (Friday)

Spelling:           20 words/week, weekly exams

Grammar:        Charter School curriculum

Science:           Charter School Curriculum

History:            Charter School History (Friday)

Art:                  Art 101 (Friday)

Music:              Learn to Sing  (2x/wk)
7th Grader:
Literature:         Romeo and Juliet (Five Weeks)
                         Write-ups (One Week)
                         Reading Plus (3x/wk)
Mathematics:    Discovering Mathematics, 1a
                         Chapters 1-3
Writing:             Excellence In Writing (Friday)
 Spelling:          20 words/week, weekly exams
Grammar:        Charter School Curriculum
Science:           Charter School  Science ( Friday)
History:            Charter School Curriculum
Language:        Latin (Wheelock’s Latin)
                         Introduction, Chapters 1-3
Art:                  Art History  (1x/wk)
Music:              Learn to Sing  (2x/wk)
Debate:            Thinkers, Communicators, Achievers (Friday)
"Friday" means the classes they have on Fridays.  Some of these meet the state standards, some of them are enrichment classes.  My daughter has "Lost in Literature" which should get her enthused about literature, but is not meant to fill the lit requirement - she'll do that by reading Heidi, with me.
These are the lists I send to their "teacher" (counselor), so they don't include Bible studies - each day the children read a chapter of their Bibles, listen to Dr. McGee, and study for AWANA.  My son is being encouraged to listen to Missler's take on Genesis, as that's an interest of his.
Anyway, that's what we're doing.  And I'm doing Latin, handwriting (oops, something else not on this list) and singing with them. 


  1. Hurrah for being done! I'm almost there myself and have to make up the notebooks (for me, the teacher, and for the children).

    I hope you have a wonderful school year.

  2. Very well done, Hearthie!

    I try to choose curriculum that are pre-organized. Of course, we sometimes have to slow down or speed up according to how well they grasp certain concepts.

    My kids are also closer in age (20 months apart) so I don't have to build two separate curriculum. Just modify the existing one as needed. For now.

  3. Thanks ladies. :)

    It's fun to do, I'm a bookworm - but different curricula? Yeahhh.... I read Heidi and then Shakespeare and the book we're using for Latin is a HS/College level book... keeps me on my toes.

    This is the first year I'll be doing both.


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