Friday, August 30, 2013

It's been an interesting month. Coincidence?

I used to hang out with a largely Messianic internet crowd, and it was they that turned me on to the Biblical holiday observances rather than the American cultural holidays.   I did some research and  really fell for the whole idea of observing the Jewish holidays instead of the American ones (I won't call them the Christian holidays, because mostly they're not Biblical, they're far more cultural).

I ran into two problems.  1) I really LIKE the dominant holidays, particularly Christmas and Easter.  I know that the events they celebrate (the birth and resurrection of Christ) aren't at the times that we celebrate, and that bugs me - but I like celebrating those things.  And I just like Christmas.  I like the whole shebang, minus the tacky stuff.  It's got some good tradition, good sentiment.  It makes me happy.  2) Since I am not Jewish, I don't have traditions surrounding the Biblical holidays.  I don't want to culturally appropriate that which does not belong to me.  And getting it off the ground all by myself?  No fun.  "Why is Mom playing weird noise on the computer and making us eat off the good china in the middle of the week?"  "Just go with it".  It felt really fake.  The OT commandments are gone - which is good, we can't observe them anyway, not being in commuting distance of Jerusalem.

So I dropped back into "observing" them.  I knew they were coming up, I'd have a special meal, I'd mention them at table and tell the kids "and this is when God did X and the Israelites would ...." and we've continued our Passover fast/observing Good Friday with lamb.  I pay attention, in other words, but I don't try to force things.  

So with all of that, I'd forgotten about the prep month for the fall feasts... guess what this is?  Elul.  One of my old Messianic buddies mentioned it in passing and I was OH MY GOSH.  That's what this month has been.  I've cleaned my house, put my life in order, and I have people crawling out of the woodwork tying up loose ends.  None of that has been a conscious choice on my part, it's just happened.  And happened.  And keeps happening.  My head, it is spinning.  It's *good*, but... wow.  Just wow.  Not just hearing from people who I haven't heard from in a long time, but those heavy conversations... they're happening. 

Is it coincidence?  I don't think so.  Is it coincidence that we'll likely have a nice place (outside) to share meals - and that we've already got a guest list - by the time Sukkot rolls around?  Yeahh.  Sure.

Life is crazy, sometimes - especially when God is moving and you don't know where you're going!

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