Friday, August 9, 2013

Spa Night: Oil Cleansing (for GBG)

On the recommendation of Girls Being Girls (, I thought I'd give oil cleansing a try.   This is my first time trying it, so I don't have results, but this is what I did.

Oil blend:  1 part Jojoba oil + 1 part grapeseed oil + 3 parts sunflower oil (this is what sounded nice that I had on hand).

I decided that this method ( practically begged for a proper spa night.  This may indicate to you how low-maintenance I am.  Don't tell my friend L, but I very frequently don't so much as wash my face before bed!  (I also rarely wear makeup).  (I am working on being higher maintenance, being 40 and all).

I ran a Epsom salt bath (  I've been trying to take a couple of these/week, as I don't get much magnesium.  (I don't eat wheat).  They're amazing for stress relief, although they can render you prone to really interesting dreams.  (I use about 3/4c of salt to a full bath, and I rinse after bathing).

Brought an extra bowl of hot-hot water in for the soaks.  Put some extra jojoba oil and heavy conditioner in my hair before I got started... why not. 

Followed directions, adding my upper chest (the bit that's bright red in my profile pic.  Welcome to the downside of being in the sun all.the.time.  It might go away if I wore turtlenecks) and my neck to the pile. 

Felt *really* amazing - all that circulation rubbing with the warm oil, then sitting and soaking in the humid air... very spa.  I was reminded of my occasional dry-brushing... same thing, circulation city.  Reminded me of my BFF's Okinawan mom, as she instructed us in skin polishing (although she uses cold-cream, which doesn't agree with me).  Maybe getting more blood flowing to my face would be a good thing?  I concentrated on the area under my eye, because I'm prone to extra fluid there.  Oh that was nice - I felt my sinuses clearing, just from the massage!  So was the rubbing over my jawline - I'm a clencher.  It's worth doing just for the face massage.  Srsly. 

It does seem to have loosened up some stuff in my cheeks that wanted clearing out.  I have dry skin there, and cheeks really liked it. 

Took a shower after, rubbed some of the leftover oil into my arms and legs.  Washed hair.  Did NOT rewash face for scientific purposes (I adore the soap we use, it's goatsmilk from my friend Fiberaddict, and it's *yummy* and kind to our skin, so nothing against that - I used that on the rest of me, lol). 

Drying off now...... face feels good.  I have some patches on my body that aren't happy with me, I think I might have to do more than just rinse off the salts.  I know they want more time to absorb, but my skin is prone to eczema, and... well.  Patches are bad. 

Loosened up a lot of stuff just under the skin, knots and whatnot.  Drinking a big (12oz) glass of lemon water.  I'm sure there are some waste products that want removing.

Will I do this again?  Yes.  I need to have more spa nights, and I need to reintroduce the dry brushing - it was good for the rest of my skin, even if I got a bit happy with my face.

 (Note:  drybrushing to get the fluids out from under your eyes, poor idea).   Pairing morning drybrushing with evening oilings might take my skin from decent to great.  And if I remember to actually put ON my makeup, I'll need a good skin-cleaning routine.  I think drybrushing, on whole, agreed with the rest of my body better than oil.  (Unsurprising.  You find northern Europeans drybrushing and Southerners generally doing the oil thing.  I am NW European mutt, and I have delicate skin that gets a ton of sun.  I eat well, and eat a fat-heavy diet... but I live in SoCal, which is semi-desert. My skin was spec'd out for Ireland or Sweden).

Them's the facts, ma'am.

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  1. Hi Hearthie,

    I have used oil cleansing for a few years now and love it! My skin is prone to dryness and flakiness and the oil makes my skin feel clean and soft. I also use sesame oil in my still wet skin after a shower. I just smooth it on then towel off. It has been the best thing for my dry skin.


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